The Baked Goods Boom

Recently, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of baked goods, and foodservice operators should take notice of this growing trend. Whether it's the comforting smell of freshly baked bread or the allure of a perfectly flaky croissant, baked goods have the ability to attract a wide range of customers.

According to IMARC Group’s forecast, the bakery products market is projected to reach $625.9 billion by 2023. Ready-to-eat bakery items have the potential to work harder for the business’s bottom line as menus continue to shrink because of factors such as increased costs.

Operators can capitalize on this opportunity by incorporating a variety of delectable baked treats in their offerings. Appealing to shoppers’ taste buds is foundational to driving impulse sales. Food packaging with clean, premium aesthetics and clear lids offers distinct merchandising capabilities that can enhance the appearance of bakery selections.

Operators can attract a wide range of customers by offering seasonal specials, accommodating dietary preferences or promoting the use of locally sourced ingredients. Using innovation and high-performance packaging solutions can help baked creations stay fresh and delicious. As the consumer demand for sustainability continues to grow, eco-friendly food packaging can also provide operators with opportunities for differentiation in a competitive market.

Looking to add more bakery items to boost your business? See what Toast says are the five most profitable bakery foods:

Artisan Bread



Custom Cakes



Tip: Customers often "eat with their eyes first," so food packaging that showcases the creation effectively can leave a strong impression. For example, clear packaging allows customers to see the product, increasing the appeal.