At Sabert, our commitment to the environment is a fundamental part of our business philosophy. 

Our commitment to sustainability spans far beyond recyclable or compostable product lines. It impacts our entire business model, from new product development to ongoing modification and product improvements.

We pride ourselves on a deep rooted commitment to environmental values and responsibilities, which we bring to life each day through continued efforts to reduce our corporate environmental impact. From our facilities to our packaging – sustainability and quality are never compromised.

Not only do we want to make food look great, but we want to keep it safe and sustainable too.

We are continually looking for ways to deepen our sustainability efforts and partner with our customers to make a meaningful and lasting environmental impact. Details about our initiatives are outlined in our 2022 Sustainability Report.

2022 Sustainability Report

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Earthtelligent is Sabert’s comprehensive sustainability platform that drives improved environmental outcomes through innovative business thinking. We’re focused on five critical pathways of environmental responsibility and each is underpinned with metrics and initiatives to keep us moving forward.


Waste Reduction Energy Conservation Education & AdvocacySmart SourcingResearch & Reinvention 


86% of waste recycled.


6,000 MT of plastics recycled at Nuvida Recycling Facility


Recycled roughly the equivalent of 674 million plastic bottles.

Waste Reduction


Our commitment to minimize waste and end-use landfill impact throughout our operations.

  • Continued an employee-led waste reduction, reuse and recycling across facilities

  • Continued our comprehensive program to further improve machine reliability aimed at reducing waste generation

  • Implemented measures to prevent material leaks throughout the process thereby reducing wasted raw materials

  • Completed installation of shredder grinders at all plastics facilities to ensure all resin scrap is internally reused and extruded again

  • Continued segregating waste at all plants to prevent contamination thereby improving reuse and recyclability of waste streams


We are committed to finding cleaner and more efficient ways to use energy, water and other precious resources across all of our operations.



  • In 2022, Energy projects led to well over three million kWh of energy savings in 2022 across our manufacturing facilities, an equivalent of taking more than 450 cars off the road for the year

  • Our plants upgraded chiller systems, optimized air compressor systems, and completed installations of a water-based printing system and in-line labeler.

  • Our three manufacturing facilities with on-site solar PV produced a total of 2.36 GWh energy, and our Research and Development Center produced an additional 1.18 GWh. In total, our solar energy production in 2022 was equivalent to taking an additional 540 cars off the road for the year


  • Kick off of Project Perfect Pallet

  • In transitioning from three to four US distribution centers, we reduced 1.8 million ton-miles of trucking impacts, the equivalent of taking 66 cars off the road for a full year.

  • Sabert is a US EPA SmartWay Transportation Partner. In the latest reporting year, 60% of ton-miles of freight shipped at Sabert North America were transported with SmartWay carriers.



At Sabert, we believe that creating a sustainable food ecosystem requires collaboration and partnerships with our suppliers, customers, industry and communities. Working together, we can build a strong foundation for the systemic change required to achieve sustainability in the food industry and beyond.


In 2022, we worked with customer/partners to:

  • Package Food Responsibly: We advise customers on packaging sustainability attributes and lifecycle impacts to help them make environmentally conscious packaging decisions.

  • Continuously Improve: We partner with customers to help them meet their sustainability goals for GHG emissions, optimizing package composition and more through an iterative process of customization and product innovation.

  • Stay Ahead on Health, Safety and Legislation: Through our legislative tracking resources and individualized roll-out plans, we help our partners anticipate and plan for new regulations and policies to ensure they have safe and sustainable food packaging now and in the future. In 2022, we actively helped our customers successfully navigate new Canadian restrictions, as well as the U.S. transition away from products containing PFAS by providing safe and high-performing alternative packaging solutions.

Industry Engagement and Thought Leadership in 2022:


We are committed to ensuring every one of our valued partners, vendors and suppliers follow sustainable practices to ensure that we source responsibly.

  • Sabert’s new state-of-the-art facility in Greenville, Texas scaled to commercial production in 2022, manufacturing bio-based, compostable, pulp food packaging. The plant’s central location aids in reduced freight and GHG emissions, along with speed to market. With this facility, we will shorten pulp new product development time and create opportunities for local sourcing of feedstock to this new facility.

  • In 2022, our plastics products contained 13% recycled content, of which 15% was post-consumer recycled resin. Strategic investments allowed for the use of 50% post-consumer recycled resin in our PET products at our Belgium facility.

  • 83% of the fiber used within our paper supply chain is certified through globally recognized chain of custody programs

  • 78% of the raw materials in the US were sourced domestically, 100% of the raw materials in China were sourced domestically, and 85% of raw materials in Belgium were sourced within 400 miles from our plant.


As the world continues to face difficult obstacles, we recognize the need for groundbreaking solutions. That’s why we are committed to maintaining a continuous pipeline of new ideas and technologies aimed at reducing climate impacts, increasing efficiencies and facilitating the transition towards a circular economy.

  • Sabert’s team of experts in material science, product design, engineering, and manufacturing collaborate and influence our delivery of new, sustainable, innovative solutions to the marketplace

  • Globally, our teams launched a total of 268 products, of which 81% meet our classification as a sustainable product, defined as containing at least 25% bio-content or recycled content, and being 100% compostable or recyclable.

  • With a long-term focus on material and process development, our Centers for Innovation are a critical link in our ability to pave a path to innovation in the products we bring to market, while simultaneously moving the industry forward.

  • Our New Product Development team works across all Sabert functions to realize manufacturing efficiencies and more sustainable solutions.


Sabert has in-house recycling capabilities through our plant, Nuvida, one of the world's largest processors and suppliers of food-grade recycled plastic. Nuvida is integral in our waste reduction and smart sourcing pillars, helping us to incorporate recycled plastic otherwise destined for landfill into our product lines.

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Sabert is dedicated to working with a broad range of innovative materials to help clients best meet their sustainability goals and unique product performance demands.









No Bleaching

BRC Certified 

Renewable Resource

Food Contact Safe/FDA Compliant

No Long Chain PFAS

FDA-Approved Short Chain PFAS

Industrial Compostable 

Home Compostable 



Allergen Free

BPA Free

BRC Certified 

Closed Loop/Industrial Recycled 

Food Contact Safe/FDA Compliant

No Perfluorochemicals 

Phthalate Free

Prop 65

Made in the US* (Excludes PS)