Finding Your Packaging Soulmate

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular dining holidays of the year. Whether fine dining or a romantic dinner at home, foodservice businesses can explore many ways to create love at first bite.

Here are a few ways operators can boost sales and customer engagement, including learning the love language of food packaging.

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Offers

When love is in the air, consumer behavior shifts towards seeking unique and memorable experiences. Customers look for convenience, exclusivity and personalization. Many are on the lookout for special offers that can be shared with loved ones, making it an ideal time for restaurants and caterers to showcase their ability to create intimate and romantic settings. By presenting limited-time offers or special couple's packages, foodservice operators can create a sense of urgency that encourages customers to act fast. Consider developing intimate dining options such as candlelit dinners and special tasting menus or offer packages that include flowers and chocolates to set the mood.

Romancing the Menu

A Valentine’s Day menu can be a major draw for customers looking to celebrate. Consider dishes that are known to set the mood, like oysters, or multiple courses for a complete dining experience.  Ready-to-eat items, meal kits and heat-and-eat meals are also an attractive option for those looking for a cozier night in. From chocolate-covered strawberries to swoon-worthy steaks, prepare to cook up romance with irresistible offerings to attract more business and spread the love.

Don’t forget the Besties!

For a double dose of love and fun, operators can also cater to customers who aren’t necessarily coupled up by providing special offers for besties celebrating Galentine’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating friendships. Celebrated on February 13th, the popularity of Galentine’s Day has soared in recent years. Embracing this holiday can show that a business values all forms of love and friendship,  fostering customer loyalty and a point of differentiation in the marketplace. Whether it’s Insta-worthy mocktails (or cocktails), a themed event or a special promotion tied to the day, this celebratory day has the ability to boost business.

Leave a Lasting Impression

The right food packaging sets the stage because it can often be the first impression that can turn a one-time customer into a loyal one. And just like in any good relationship, the right packaging is about compatibility and understanding the unique needs of both the food it contains and the customers it serves. Packaging that features tear-away lids, durability, sustainability and convenience can significantly enhance the overall customer dining experience. Now, that’s what we call romance!