A Fresh Approach to Grocery

Round CPET Baking Tray

Grocery is where foodservice meets retail and the days of viewing a grocery store as just a place to buy ingredients are no longer. Consumers are increasingly looking to grocery stores to provide high-quality, freshly prepared, made-to-order meals. Bakery and prepared food can be used as tools to draw customers in who are economizing restaurant dining and looking to reduce the effort of feeding the family.

For workers returning to the office, grocery stores can also be a popular lunch destination, opening the opportunity to increase sales of
ready-to-eat food options. To take advantage of this mindset shift, Rick Stein, FMI vice president of fresh foods, recommends grocers “expand customer loyalty by enticing shoppers with freshness and assortment.” He further recommends that grocers try to think, look and act like a restaurant when marketing these options.

Food packaging that helps consumers see and feel confident about what they buy is essential. Proper food packaging can support several food applications, from preserving freshness to making the food look great.

TIP: Dual ovenable trays can withstand high heat applications and are bakeable in either a conventional or microwave oven.