Wake Up to the Breakfast Opportunity

Rise and shine! It’s time to dig into morning munchies with the latest breakfast trends. Food Management magazine recently broke down the breakfast menu items that are trending day and night. We’ve got the scoop on how you can prepare to cook up a breakfast menu by packaging up some of the latest delights to bring in more all-day breakfast business, from catering to takeout.

Made-to-Order Cinnamon Buns

Take cinnamon buns to an entirely new level! Consumers continue to crave personalization, so it’s no surprise foodservice operators are answering with cinnamon bun customization. From offering a variety of toppings, glazes and fillings, consumers can create their ultimate cinnamon bun dream. For those diners on the go, ensure you preserve the freshness of these treats with the proper packaging to ensure the buns safely arrive at their destination and leave a delicious and lasting impression.

Sabert Packaging Solutions to Try:

Kraft Fluted Clamshells



Farmhouse Breakfast Bowls

It’s time to pile on the farm-fresh goodness, one delicious bowl at a time. Consider creating a menu of customizable breakfast bowls featuring farm-fresh ingredients like farm-to-table eggs, artisanal cheeses, locally sourced veggies and house-made sauces. Not only does this provide an authentic dining experience for customers, but it will also align with eco-minded consumers who shop sustainably.  Eco-friendly and compostable food packaging options that keep the food intact and maintain food quality can be a win-win for the environment and your customers.

Sabert Packaging Solutions to Try:

Pulp PlusTM Round Bowls 

EcoEdgeTM Paper Cutlery


Frittata Flights

Get ready to take the breakfast game to new heights with the concept of frittata flights. Offering a diverse selection of mini frittatas, each packed with unique ingredients and flavors, to give customers a delightful breakfast adventure. Frittata flights can also be an excellent option for workplace catering, allowing employees to mix and match their frittata faves. The right food packaging solutions will be critical –keeping frittatas safe during transport and enhancing the presentation.

Sabert Packaging Solutions to Try:

White PP Mozaik® Rectangle Platters with Clear High Dome Lid


Pancake Sandwiches

Flip the script on the breakfast sandwich by introducing pancake sandwiches. Consider sandwiching classic pancake goodness with layers of sweet or savory fillings. Whether it’s crispy bacon and maple syrup or a fruity pancake-wich with whipped cream, the pancake possibilities are endless. Food packaging solutions that help pancake-wiches stay picture-perfect and fresh will help operators stack up against the competition.

Sabert Packaging Solutions to Try:

PP Classic Dual Color Square Hinged Containers