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Oxy RX

Exclusive Oxygen-Scavenger Technology

Oxy RX Exclusive Oxygen-Scavenger Technology

  • OxyRxTM is the basis for innovative, glass-clear, PET/scavenger packaging that maintains zero oxygen permeation for over four years. Even then, headspace oxygen is lower than the initial oxygen levels.
  • Contents can be seen by consumers and product flavor is not scalped into the packaging.
  • OxyRxTM can be thermoformed into stock or custom geometries and lidded with film or foil for MAP and HPP applications.
  • OxyRxTM material can be crystallized into CPET packaging for retorting and/or subsequent heating in both microwave and conventional ovens up to 400 ̊ F.
  • OxyRxTM PET/scavenger material is competitive with many of the commercial PP/EVOH containers and offers cost savings for higher EVOH percentage applications.
  • OxyRxTM can be recycled with other #1 PET packaging.

Gas Barrier Passive Technology

Gas Barrier Passive TechnologyEVOH/PP technology provides a gas barrier layer in the container wall. EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) is sandwiched between two layers of PP. This layer keeps out oxygen and retains nitrogen and carbon dioxide to slow food quality degradation over time. Suitable for microwave use.

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