From Concept to commercialization we design into automated packaging systems in the customer manufacturing facility. Our expert team specializes in defining, designing, developing, and manufacturing our customers’ most challenging custom-engineered food packaging products. We are capable of helping interface with the most complex manufacturing systems, material requirements, and merchandising criteria to preserve and protect the customer’s products—and their bottom line as well.

Solutions That Match Today’s Food Processing Techniques

Retort Processing
Retort Processing

In this process, filled containers are pressurized and heated to kill organisms that can cause food to spoil. One of the potential drawbacks is a phenomenon called retort shock, common in PP/EVOH containers, where the oxygen-barrier function of the container is diminished for several days to weeks following processing. Sabert offers the exclusive, proprietary OxyRxTM oxygen-scavenging technology to eliminate this problem, protect the packaged product and maximize shelf life.

High Pressure Processing
High Pressure Processing (Hpp)

is a “cold pasteurization” technique that subjects filled food packages to a high pressure (up to 87,000 psi) water bath that inactivates dangerous organisms such as bacteria, viruses and molds, without heating. This process maintains food safety, flavor and integrity – while extending shelf life. Sabert offers material technologies that are optimized for this process and engineered to maximize and supplement its benefits.

Gas-Flush Processing
Gas-Flush Processing (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

It is well known that oxygen in a sealed food container accelerates food quality degradation. As a remedy, inert gas, such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, is injected into the food package to flush out oxygen. This process is referred to as MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Sabert offers material technologies that complement this process to further extend shelf life. 

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