Sabert Corporation Leads First-Ever Packaging University Event

Leveraging over 30 years of packaging and foodservice industry knowledge, Sabert Corporation is always looking for new and insightful ways of educating customers and prospects on how to best navigate the world of packaging solutions available to them.  Consistent with their clearly defined mission of enhancing and advancing the way people enjoy food, Sabert has announced and piloted a new program for invited guests called Packaging University.

The objective of this new initiative is to provide knowledge that will enable and support our customers in making an informed decision in selecting the optimal packaging solution to make their food look great and drive their business.

Packaging University, also known as Pack-U, was designed as an unbiased, informative platform for Sabert employees and customers to share knowledge on the fundamentals of the food packaging industry, as well as current trends.  The two day event is held at Sabert’s corporate Research and Development Center, and includes courses on multiple subjects, ranging from the sourcing of raw materials to delivery of product to their business.

Also included is a plant tour of the New Jersey manufacturing facility, which allows attendees to see how the plant operates, how thermoforming machines work and how Sabert focuses on a sustainable manufacturing process, reusing scrap and recycling water in the process of making new parts.

Kathy Deignan, Senior Vice President of Sales, was delighted with the feedback received from the first graduating class of Pack U.  The respondents to the post-event survey scored Packaging University as above average on meeting expectations, with seventy percent of attendees indicating that the program exceeded expectations related to the breadth of topics covered. Eighty-five percent of respondents indicated they would enthusiastically recommend Sabert’s Packaging University program to others.

The Packaging University training is available by invite only at this time, with bi-annual events planned throughout 2016 and beyond.